The Ligthan film contrasts the binary feeling of being an animated and vibrant superhero and on the other hand being human, vulnerable and caught. It explores a space between the confined interior atmosphere, huge windows, white squares – and the invincible, energetic and aerial story the clothes discloses.

Lightan is inspired of dreams of flying Japanese Goldlightan robots, thai-boxing, motocross and a feeling of perceptive movement.

The embroideries and the intuitive patterns of the duvet quilts combined with classical and recognizable clothing figures, creates an architectonic and playful space.

Design by : Lærke Valum
Cinematography: Jesper Duelund
Cut: Marianna Bjørgheim
Music: Andreas Busk
Styling: Nanna Rosenfeldt
Model: Agnes Kristiansen
Makeup/Hair: Emilie Preskou

Thanks to:
The Danish Arts Foundation
Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond


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