Contribution to the MINDCRAFT 17 exhibition in central Milan during the design week. MINDCRAFT exhibitions are organized by the Danish Arts Foundation and the Agency for Culture and Palaces.

Time: 06:06:06 — 19:19:19

For many of us, everyday day time is sliced into appointments and other obligations. Time is inherently boundless, and by breaking it up into hours, days, months years, centuries and millennia, we seek to contain and control it. By attempting to capture and control time, however, we only make ourselves captives to time, wearing our sense of urgency like a second skin, draped in a constant fear of not being on time, running out of time, wasting time. ‘Moments of’ explores this notion of time as a burden or ‘wearable time’, represented by an abstraction on a body that wears time like a mantle. The body is both fragile and strong, heavy and light, and although it is weighed down by time, it is still able to shoulder the burden rather than trying to escape it.

Material: Dyed aluminium, textiles
Dimensions: H 175–200 cm, W 100–150 cm

Thanks to:
The Danish Arts Foundation

Project sponsor: KVADRAT